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Our goal is to create meaningful musicals that celebrate our shared humanity.



A quiet transgender figure from the nineteenth century who was a profile in courage.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee presents the debut of our short musical Albert for the Boston Theater Marathon XXIII: Special Zoom Edition.

Join us for the livestream and audience talkback on Tuesday, April 27th at 12:00 pm!  http://www.bu.edu/bpt/

It has been an honor to work with such a wonderfully creative, talented team and we want to thank them for bringing our musical to life for the very first time.


Producer: Sarah Ford
Director: Helen Deborah Lewis
Music director: Isaac Leaverton


Albert: Mack Elliot Schaefer
Translator: Alex Leondedis

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Albert: Mack Elliot Schaefer
Translator: Alex Leondedis

Check out our interview about Albert on the “Voices of BTM XXIII” blog!



Albert is about Albert Cashier, born Jennie Hodgers, a true figure from the nineteenth century who fought valiantly in the Civil War and lived afterwards in a small village in Illinois.

Though he worked odd jobs and was known as a quiet man, Albert was remarkable for his time, daring to live his truth in an unenlightened age.

This short musical is meant to inspire everyone who fights to live their truth, despite the obstacles that society puts in the way.

Also in 2021, Albert will receive a live staged reading by the Left Coast Theater Company in San Francisco.

For more about Albert click here.


A Broken Play


What happens when hidden feelings get expressed?

A Broken Play is about a group of juniors in high school who have secret crushes on people they think are unattainable—and what happens when they reveal their feelings.

The characters include a closeted bi star quarterback, a gay young man who doesn’t fit traditional standards of masculinity, a young woman of color from India, a “brainiac” with a faulty moral compass, and the new girl in school who has been influenced by her parents’ ultra-conservative views.

A Broken Play (a football term for “an unexpected situation”) is a musical about being seen for who we really are and celebrating our diversity and shared humanity.



The Dramatists Guild’s Friday Night Footlights® will present an online reading of A Broken Play on February 5, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. (EST).


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Hunter Thurman — Griffin Carpenter

Ethan Paretsky — Jeff McNally II

Marshall T. Beckstein — Levin Valayil* (www.levinvalayil.com)

Charli DuBois — Emily Iocovozzi

Abhilasha (“Abby”) — Kate Hallal

Coach — Ross Neal*

* Actors’ Equity Association






What was the inspiration for one of the greatest plays ever written?

The greatest love story that was hidden from history…

Swagger, a story of passion, political intrigue, and prejudice reveals the secret relationship that Shakespeare had with a Muslim Ambassador from Morocco that led him to break the rules – in his life and his art – as he created his masterpiece, Hamlet.

Click on Swagger image to be taken to Swagger website.


The Pledge


Does staying silent about hazing come at a terrible cost?

The Pledge is an original new musical that focuses on about a shy college freshman who learns about the dark side of fraternity life when he is hazed and ends up in the hospital, having almost died from alcohol poisoning.

When a major donor to the fraternity offers him a “hush” payment to keep silent, he must decide whether to accept the money or tell the terrible truth about what happened.

In July 2018, The Pledge’s opening song, “Check the Boxes,” was chosen to be part of the New York Musical Festival in New York City, in a concert of new musical theater writers called “Breaking Ground.”

In September 2018 The Pledge was given a staged reading in the Sitting Shotgun theater company’s Fall Reading series in Brooklyn, New York.

In May 2019, The Pledge was given a staged reading at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts, as part of James Madison University’s Madison New Works Lab in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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New Projects


J. and Dot


What happens when two legends meet in the afterlife?

In the short musical J. and Dot two legends—J. (St. Joan of Arc) and Dot (Dorothy Gale)—encounter each other in the afterlife and at first they see only their differences.
But they soon realize they have more in common than anyone might guess. Introduced to each other by the mysterious Translator, they confront their past lives in which they hold fast to personal truths, despite being challenged by men who disbelieve them.

As they share their stories, they ultimately find “home” with each other.

This musical tied for “Best Play” in the Equity Library Theater’s Summer 2020 Virtual Play Festival.

Mark and Zev will discuss. J. and Dot in the third season of The Latest Draft Podcast, to be aired in 2021.

Click on image above to listen to "Home" from J. and Dot.

To watch the video of  J. and Dot click here.

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What happens when the boy actor who originated Shakespeare's Juliet begins to outgrow the role?

Juliet is a short musical that tells the story of Sam Gilbourne, the renowned boy actor in Shakespeare’s acting company who in 1596 immortalized the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

For Sam, being Juliet is a way to express their true gender identity.

When Sam’s voice begins to change, it’s not about giving up a role but losing their identity.





We are currently developing Translation, a new full-length musical that celebrates transgender pioneers who may have been forgotten by history—or were not fully recognized for who they really were.

Translation is about real-life transgender and gender-fluid figures from history whose stories interweave as they meet in the afterlife.

The characters include individuals who longed to live their true gender identity and include Kalonymus ben Kalonymus, a Jewish poet and translator from fourteenth-century Italy; Joan of Arc, who led an army and was burned at the stake for heresy in the fifteenth century; Sam Gilbourne, a boy actor who played women’s roles in Shakespeare’s plays in the sixteenth century; Mary Jones, a Black transgender prostitute in the nineteenth century; and Albert Cashier, a transgender Civil War soldier.

Our musical celebrates these individuals from history who paved the way for all of us who seek the freedom to express our gender identity in today’s world.

Translation was shortlisted for Scranton Scratch Night 2021.